The Crush Is On!

The Mental Side Of Sports

A battle that most sports players must win – including soccer players – is the mental game. In one on one sports, like tennis, this is vital because there are no team mates to help you out if you are having a bad day. To survive and thrive at ever higher levels, a sportsman or sportswoman needs to be increasingly tough mentally. It isn’t easy to visualise yourself beating the best in the.. Read More

Stock Market Gossip

It is not a topic I write about very much, but I am an avid follower of the major stock markets of the world. In many ways, I view the big companies as being a little like a soap opera. I firmly believe that everyone needs an external soap opera to think about and while away some time pontificating and gossiping about. For some people this is politics, for many it is sports.. Read More

Domestic Cleaning Is A Competitive Business!

Chatting to a friend yesterday and he explained to me the competitive nature of some business models we might not normally think about. For example, he has some experience in the world of domestic cleaning and was explaining just how many companies and franchises tend to operate in the space in a big city. Typically I tend to hear people complain about how they cannot find a reliable cleaner, but in there is.. Read More

High Demand For Maltese Property

I was recently writing about my friend that works in the hotel trade here in Malta here. There are lots of people visiting Malta these days, it has been a very busy few months. As the gaming and legal sectors keep on growing, more people come and more and more are interested in buying or renting a property and moving permanently. As well as workers, there have been many people arrive from Libya.. Read More

My New Fantasy Football Game

I’m back in the groove of the football season. I love football and even though there was the World Cup this summer, the few weeks without the game was not easy for me. I’m like a sports addict in need of a fix… Now that things are back underway, I have found a cool new weekly fantasy football game to play. It is much more sophisticated than the others on the market and.. Read More

No Rest For Hoteliers In Malta

I have been chatting in recent days to a good friend. I hadn’t seen him in some time – we both work long hours. These days, he works in the hotel trade, and since it is early September, he has been very busy recently! He has worked in Malta his entire life and most of that in tourism in some way or another, now he is in the hotel itself. August this year.. Read More